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How to Beat Variance When Playing Online Poker

If you have been playing online poker for a while, and have noticed the number of times you expected to win over a specific period of time are not the number of times you actually won, you have become a victim of variance.

What is variance, and how do you beat it when playing online poker? By employing tactics that may be new to you.

What is variance in poker? -- A simple explanation is that variance is the difference between how much you expect to win and how much you actually win, when those wins are spread around the mean.

This can usually be calculated by taking a player's expected winnings and then calculating their average winnings per game. The difference between expected winnings and actual winnings is then called the variance.

How to beat variance when playing online poker -- Improving your game is the most effective way to beat variance as the better you play the least it affects you. That strategy can take time to achieve, which is why other strategies should also be employed.

One of the easiest ways to beat variance is simply to play more hands than you would normally play. By doing that, you will experience the same amount of variance. As that variance is spread over more hands, however, it will have less of an impact on each hand.

Another way to beat variance is to just keep playing through the downswings. Every player experiences them, and the ones that do not do so well tend to give up midway through. Keep playing through the downswings, however, and you will eventually experience that upswing you need.

As variance is also a much bigger factor with online 389poker than offline poker, you can also take a break and switch to playing offline if variance really is becoming a problem.